PSE Trader

Trade smartly on the PSE

Trading on the PSE has always been a risky activity especially for part-time traders. No broker supports STOP-LIMIT ORDERS which means traders must actively monitor stocks during trading hours to minimize losses or preserve profits. PSE Trader will actively monitor your trades for you.

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Watch the video tour

Monitoring your trades with PSE Trader is so simple. The video shows how to add trades as well as the effects when the cut price level is breached

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Getting Started

Trades Screen
Here you can see trades that the application is monitoring. A grey header indicates that no triggers have fired. A red header indicates that the stop loss trigger has been breached and you should exit the trade to preserve capital or profits.
New Trade Form
This form adds a trade to monitor and is shown when you tap on the + on the upper right portion of the Trades screen. Provide a valid symbol and the number of shares. The app will alert you when the price touches or goes below the Cut Price. You will also get an alert when the price touches or goes above the Breakout price.
Settings Screen
Here you can find the app settings which you can change. Data refresh rate changes how often the app gets price data. Keep device awake disables device autolock. You can also disable vibration and sound alerts.

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PSE Trader is a tool and thus may fail due to human error or external factors like connectivity and data accuracy and/or availability of providers. As such, the tools creator and related parties can NOT be held liable for any losses that occur due to direct or indirect use of the tool. The tool is provided as is with no warranties or guarantees. Support is provided on a best effort basis thru the issues page.


For bug reports, feature requests, suggestions or other questions, please visit our issues page.